Welcome to the Parent Teacher Association for Harlow Fields School and College, an inclusive school for pupils aged 3-19.

Harlow Fields School and College is a happy and safe place where pupils can flourish. The school offers a vibrant and inclusive learning environment supporting children and young adults with severe, moderate and complex needs, including autism and sensory impairment.

Our PTA is committed to working with the school to improve the lives of the pupils. We raise funds to support a variety of projects, including:

  • Providing new equipment and resources for the school
  • Funding educational trips and activities
  • Supporting the school's enrichment program
  • Creating a more welcoming and inclusive school environment

We believe that every child deserves the best possible education, and we are committed to making Harlow Fields School and College the best place it can be for all of our children.

Ways you can help

We need your help to make Harlow Fields School and College the best place it can be for our pupils. There are many ways you can get involved, including:

  • Donate money

    With so many projects planned, funds are hugely important. Every penny counts, if you are able to make a donation (big or small) we would massively appreciate it. 

    To see how we intend to spend money raised, please take a look at our projects.

  • Donate items

    As well as an Amazon wishlist the School often have specific requests for items. We make these requests via our newsletter and Facebook page.

  • Volunteer your time

    Everything from painting, cleaning, handing out flyers, serving tea at school events.

  • Skills

    Builders, painters, tradespeople, we would love your help (or advice) on various jobs that are needed to be done around the school.

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